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Introduction & Contents List


I have a group photograph of the officers of the 8th Royal Berkshire Regiment taken at their training camp on Salisbury Plain in July 1915. My aim when I started was to explore who those officers were - where they had come from, what happened to them, and what their families are doing now. So often wars are seen in isolation from the rest of history - well, I want to put the First World War in the context of the stories of these men and their families. One way that I have explored this is in the production of an Animated Film that shows all of their family trees growing over 136 years, mixed in with photos of their families and historical time markers, with contemporary music, and with the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

I hope that this website will give an idea of what my project is about and how I'm progressing. I am very interested in receiving feedback. I'm aiming to transform this one group photograph into a much bigger picture - anything that helps to do that will be gratefully received. In particular, I am looking for venues to show my film and am always willing to give presentations on this project.

[NOTE: It is also hoped that this website will be a resource for other people doing similar research - I have included a comprehensive list of the sources that I have used.]


  1. Historical Overview - giving more detail about the group of men in the photograph, and a brief history of 8th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment.
  2. Book Plan - an idea of where this project is leading.
  3. Letter of Introduction - by John Bourne, Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Birmingham (and author of 'Britain & the Great War 1914-1918').
  4. List of Officers - the names of the men in the photograph, along with brief information about each of them.
  5. Battlefield Letter - the words written by my great-grandfather during the Battle of Loos.
  6. Sources & Links - where I have found my information.
  7. Progress Report - how I'm getting on.
  8. Help Required - a list of specific areas where I need help.
  9. Thoughts & Quotes - some insights into the thinking behind this project.
  10. 'Independent' Article - my article that appeared in 'The Independent' newspaper on 11 November 2000
  11. Animated Film - details of the film I have made from the information and pictures I have collected, including feedback from events where I have shown it.
  12. Recent Additions - changes in the content of this site.


I'm always on the look-out for ideas, connections, and information. If you are interested, have any questions or suggestions, or can give me any leads, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me, Andrew Tatham (andrew@groupphoto.co.uk).

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