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NEWS - August 2009:
2008 was a busy year of presentations (see my Animated Film page for reviews and feedback) - and of more research! When I started getting organised for the book-writing (after a long break from having much to do with this project) I had a new idea for how to represent family trees - and luckily the sources available online (including the recently released 1911 census) have caught up to enable me to make great strides with this. I now have 100% of the birth/marriage/death data for the 46 men and their wives and direct descendants, 100% for their parents, 96% for their grandparents, and 94% for their 163 siblings (with in many cases full family trees coming to today provided by the families I contacted during my initial research). I know I am not going to get 100% on this but I'm going to see how far I get with the contacts that I've got and without spending too much money or driving myself insane (already a debatable point!). My new design shows the uniqueness of every family tree, and the more data I can get, the more fully I can show that. I've also got a long way with organising my material (including over 3500 photos taken during my research visits) - still a bit of a way off from finishing the book, but the writing is going well and I'm definitely heading in the right direction.

I haven't been as actively looking to fill the calendar with presentations recently (wanting to put more of my effort into producing the book which I can then make available at future presentations) - but if anyone asks, I usually say Yes!

To go to an event yourself, have a look at the programme of future presentations.

And on 30th April 2009, my new niece arrived - the latest great-great-grandchild and another branch on the tree of William Crawford Walton.

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