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The Group Photograph - Officers of the 8th Royal Berkshires

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See Your History In Their History

I have found relatives of all 46 men in this First World War group photograph. The history I've uncovered and my reaction to that history form the basis of an exhibition at In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres, Belgium, from 27th September 2015 to 3rd January 2016. My preparations for that exhibition mean that I haven't got time to fully update my website but here on the front page I've put up some videos to give an idea of the presentations I give about my project. I've given over 40 of these presentations and you can get an idea of the response here including these comments:

"It was the most moving experience I have ever had at the meeting over the last 22 years, engendering a deep sense of the brevity, but also the preciousness of individual human lives"

"Several of our friends commented to me afterwards that it was the most interesting talk they had attended anywhere"
As well as talking about the history and detective work involved, I show the animated film I have made that depicts all the men’s family trees growing over 136 years, mixed in with photos of their families and historical time markers, including the moon state and the passing of the seasons. This clip is the introduction to the presentation I gave at St Mary's School, Cambridge, on 1st May 2012. It gives an idea of how this project got started and what motivated me through the years of research.
The animated film is not a standard film and requires a bit of introduction for viewers to get the most out of it. In this clip I give you a bit of background to the film and how it works.
The version of this film that is in this clip is a prototype that I put together with my limited graphics programming skills and the computer resources I had at the time. Technology has moved on and I have produced a new version with better graphics and in HD for my exhibition in 2015. What you will see here is just a few years in the lead up to the First World War. - you can see the trunks of all the men's trees and some of those in the second row have the beginnings of branches which depict their children. If you'd like to see the whole film, see my programme of upcoming presentations or contact me.

To read more about the history and content of this project, have a look through the rest of this website. It was designed in 1998 as a support for my research and has succeeded admirably in that role. I'm aware it's a bit dated looking but the content is still relevant (though a lot of the links may no longer be current - sorry, I've got so much to do in the run-up to my exhibition and something's got to give).

An article about my project is in the June 2015 issue of
Family Tree magazine

See my family tree design at: www.ttrees.co.uk

Last updated on 5th September 2015

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REMEMBERING: Thomas Edward Allen, James Barrow, Charles Frederick Napier Bartlett, Leslie Herman Berlein, William Howe Bissley, Geoffrey Heslop Black, Ronald William Brakspear, Brian Dudley Brigg, Hugh Kennedy Cassels, Wilfrid Lawson Clarke, Cecil Stedman Cloake, Harold Cohen, George Bertrand Coote, Richard Markham Coote, Alfred Percival Dobson, Lionel Huddlestone Edwards, Douglas Eric Foot, Frederic Clifford Gardenner, Cyril Gentry-Birch, David Corse Glen, Douglas Murray Hanna, William Gray Haynes, George Henry Hewitt, Basil Perrin Hicks, William George Hobbs, William Franklin George Joseph, Harold Charles Linford Keable, Louis Arthur Klemantaski, Thomas Bernard Lawrence, Gordon Fraser Marsh, Peter McGibbon, Wilfred Southey Deare Oldman, Charles Gordon Paramore, Thomas Gordon Peacock, Richard Stephen Pierrepont Poyntz, Mervyn Phippen Pugh, Thomas Gerald Robinson, Aubyn Redmond Rouse, Clifford Salman, Cyril Spartali, Donald Fenwick Stileman, Frank Mariner Sumpster, Edward Sidney Beaumont Tavener, Morice Bell Thompson, Henry Cyril Thorne, Douglas Tosetti, William Crawford Walton, Charles Randolph Watson, Cyril Arthur Williamson, Harold Vivian Woodford

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