The Group Photograph

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Showing The Film

The main thing I need help with is finding places to show my animated film, ideally in combination with an exhibition that explores the material I have collected in more depth. If you have any ideas of venues or organisations that might be interested, or sources of funding to enable me to develop this further, I would be grateful if you could email me, Andrew Tatham.

Research Queries

The following are items of research that I need particular assistance with. If you feel that you can help, again, I'd love to get an email from you.
  1. The group photograph was taken by a photographer from the well-known portrait studio Elliott & Fry . I would be interested to know more about this company and the equipment they used, and it may be a long shot, but it would be fabulous to trace who actually took this photograph.

  2. There are some obvious sources of material that I still need to follow up and I would appreciate hearing of any contacts you may have that would ease the process of finding the material I require.

    • Schools: Bedford School, Camborne High School, Charterhouse, Clayesmore School, Cork House School Reading, Dean Close School Cheltenham, Epsom College, Fretherne House School, The Grange at Folkestone, Harrow School, Holloways School Reading, Kendrick School Reading, Maidenhead Art School, Mathematical School Rochester, Merchant Taylor's, Milton House, Oxford Preparatory School, St Edward's School Oxford, Radley, Reading School, Reading Collegiate School, Rosehill School Alderley, Royal Grammar School Guildford, St Lawrence College Ramsgate, St Mark's College Chelsea, University College School, Uppingham School, Watford Grammar School

    • Colleges & Universities:
    • Cambridge University (Christ's College, Magdalene College, Queens College, Ridley Hall, Trinity Hall), Central Technical Institute South Kensington, London Collegiate Institute, London University (Birkbeck College, LSE & Political Science, University College), Oxford University (Exeter College, New College, St John's College), Royal Academy, University College Reading

    • Officers Training Corps:
    • A number of these officers had military experience gained from their time in the OTC, either at school or at university. I'm interested in any information or photographs pre- or during the First World War, particularly for the following OTCs: Oxford University, Cambridge University, London University, Reading University, Leeds University.

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