The Group Photograph

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Article in 'The Independent', 11 November 2000 - click to see readable image (348 KB)
Show readable image of the article (348 KB)

I contacted 'The Independent' in October 2000 to see if they would like to run a piece on my project for Armistice Day. With 3 days to go, they contacted me and so began the rather fraught process of getting into print. Without going into too many details, the article was rather cobbled together and passed through many hands resulting in a product that I was not entirely happy with (some errors of fact, a couple of wrong photos used, and no listing of all the men in the photograph or of my full contact details or website address). That said, I was very pleased to get the coverage of nearly a full broadsheet page for my project and there has been some interesting feedback. Overall a learning experience that I am glad to have had (and I did eventually get paid)

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